Step 1: Log in to Plesk Dashboard. Go to Users > Click on Owner contact name > Change Settings. 

Step 2: Under Plesk preferences, set or generate your password. Click Apply.  

Alternatively, under Plesk Dashboard, on the top right, may click on your name>Edit Profile.

Under Plesk preferences, set or generate your password. Click Apply. 

Client Area

Step 1: Login to Exabytes Billing System via: 

https://billing.exabytes.my/mypanel/clientarea.php (MY Client) 

https://billing.exabytes.com/mypanel/clientarea.php (US Client)

https://billing.exabytes.sg/mypanel/clientarea.php (SG Client) 


Step 2: Click on Products>My Products & Services>on the far right of WP package click on green word ACTIVE. On the left panel there is a Change Password option. May change password for Plesk Panel here. 


Step 3: Generate password or key in your own password. Key in Confirm New Password column. Click Save Changes and you are good to go.

Plesk login page

Step 1: Go to Plesk login page with url xxxxxxxx.mschosting.com:8443

Step 2: Click on Lost your password? at the bottom. 

Step 3: Enter Username and email registered in system . Click Send.

Step 4: Once email for password reset is received, click on the link provided inside the email for steps to resets your password. 

Step 5: Enter your New password and click on Reset password.