For payment submission via online banking, cash deposit, cheque deposit, 

you are required to provide payment proof to us for payment confirmation. 

1.    You may log into our Client Billing System at URL 


2.    After login, go to 'Invoices', and select the Unpaid invoice you made the payment for.

3.    Select Payment Method under 'Bank Transfer' and click on 'Upload Receipt' in order


       to upload your payment proof.

4.    You are required to fill in "Transfer Date" (your payment transferred date) as well 

       as "Amount Transferred" (amount of payment submission).

5.    Lastly you may select your payment proof from your terminal and click "Submit"

       Take note: 2MB maximum. (PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG only)

6.    You may view your uploaded payment proof by click on "View Receipt". 

Should the wrong payment proof being uploaded, kindly email us at 

so that we may assist further.