1.    Login to your Website Panel via http://cp.domain.com  or through http://serverhostname.com. 

2.    Click on "Website" under the "Web & Applications" category.

3.    Click on the website that you wish to make changes.


4.    Click on "Secured Folders" and then click on "Enable Secured Folders" to proceed.

5.    Following the following steps to create Group and User.

 Create New Secure Group

 1.    Click on "Add Folder" to proceed to next step.

 2.    Now please enter your "Group Name" and remember to click "Save". 

        Your group is successfully created !

Create New Secure User

1.    Click on "Add User" to proceed to the next step.

2.    Fill in new user required information and remember to click "Save". 

       Your new user account is created successfully