This tutorial assumes that you have already logged in to you Cloud Mail account.

1. To create a new Appointment, select the icon for Calendar in the left navigation toolbar.

2. Here we see the Daily Appointments view. You can change the current view by selecting any of the other calendar view tabs.

3. To create a new appointment for the current day select a time and click on it or click the New button above.

4. Enter the Subject for this appointment.

5. To select Attendees for this appointment/meeting, click on the Attendees link.

6. Select attendees by ticking them from the list. Click OK once finished.

7. Enter the Location for this appointment/meeting.

8. Select Start and End date using the date and time selectors.

9. Select timing for the Reminder.

10. Tick Enable to send an Email Notification reminder.

11. Click on the Recurrence Information tab to select a recurring appointment.

12. To add descriptive information for this appointment, click on the Description tab.

13. To select a category, click on the Categories tab.

14. Now click on the Save button to save this appointment.