What are the default blocked attachment type that will be filtered by SpamExperts filtering system ?
















We do not recommend this to be taken out as it's commonly used by viruses infected mails which will cause harm to your mailboxes and workstation if this is by pass by the filtering system.

What is the default maximum allow attachment size to be processed by SpamExperts filtering system?

That would be 30MB. 

How do I enable daily report for each of the protected mailboxes ?

Login to the SpamExperts dashboard panel from our client billing area > Protection Report > Periodic User Report. You will see the message as "Automatically activate for all recipients is disabled" by default. Click the "Enable" button next to it and this will mark the system to send out the notification to the protected recipient in daily basis.

You could also turn on by domain basis at the SpamExperts dashboard panel > Protection Report > Periodic Domain Report. Tick the "Report enabled" and enter the email address that you wish to receive the report at the "Recipient Address" text field and configure the rest of the options as per your requirement.

Can I allow each of the protected mailbox to login check their own spam quarantine message?

You could allow this by login to the SpamExperts dashboard panel > Web Interface Users > Manage Email Users. Add in the email account that you would like to allow them to login and apply a password for them. They could then login to the interface through the URL http://spfilter-1.secure-dns.net/ with their full email account and password that you have assigned.

Can I by pass certain of the mailboxes from being protected by SpamExperts ?

Absolutely. This could be done in SpamExperts dashboard panel > Whitelist / Blacklist > Recipient Whitelist. Any mailboxes you have added this under your domain will not be filtered by the system for any antispam protection screening. 

We would recommend to do the whitelist / blacklist in conscious method as any incorrect setting will cause the email messages to be either deleted from the filtering system. The best way is to contact our support for an advise before taking any changes if you are unsure.